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Making a Fun and Unique Magazine Spread/Article

Unofficial Ad
Designer: Megan Merkley (personally done)
Unofficial Ad
Designer: Megan Merkley (personally done)


Hey there! This post is to show you a Magazine spread I designed, and how I used the Principals of Design to influence the way I put it together.


Audience and Message

Before you start it is important to know what message you are trying to get across. Once you know that, who are you trying to get that message to?

I wanted my message to give strength and help others stay strong in their faith. And my target audience is youth, and young adults, ages 14 to 25. Guys and girls, anywhere in the world.

I kept the audience pretty general because I want it to reach and touch as many as it can, so I can help share the message and testimony in it!!


Colors and Feelings

I used the “soft” but bright green to get attention and to help the reader feel the importance and warning the article conveys, without it being to strong or overwhelming. I then used the blue, gray to calm it down even more and to bring it the feeling of peace and calm. I wanted both of these colors because I wanted my audience to know that this is important and that they may be stressed but by following these guide lines they will be able to find rest and things will be OK!



The pictures I took were to show that we are all on the same path, we’re all struggling through life. I had my friends dress as they normally do to show that this article is for every everyday person, or in other words it applies to all of us! I also slanted the colors on the first page as well as first picture to lead the eye towards the picture of the Book of Mormon and temple to show that that is the goal. Even with in the picture of the temple I have the Book of Mormon in the focus and the temple in the back ground not only to use the field of depth concept to make the picture look good, but also to show that as long as we focus on the Book of Mormon and really study it, we will reach our goal (the Temple).



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Photo by James Dalrymple.
Photographer: Megan Merkley (personally taken)
Photographer: Megan Merkley (personally taken)