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The Fun You Can Have With Typography

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Identifying the first typeface (font)

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This is a script typeface. You see this through the calligraphic flow that it presents. Though it could be enhanced if it were not all caps.


Identifying the second typeface (font)

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This demonstrates the sans serif typeface. You can identify this by the absence of frill per say. It has no serifs, meaning the tips of the letters are straight. There is no “stress” or angle; this is because there is no thick or thin change, it is all “monoweight.”


Typeface contrasts

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The biggest and most notable difference is the size. But not only that, “the modern artisan” is also much frillier, adding zest and drawing attention. Whereas the “Kenny Wong” is a lot simpler. the coloring also throws in some more contrast.



I love how all this comes together to to give it a little spice but still look professional and neat. It get your attention and then it is still easy to follow and find what your looking for.


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