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Great Basics For Visual Design principals

unofficial service ad
Advertiser: Gap, Inc

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York, USA



Draw over - Contrast

You find some of the contrast in “be snap, be pop”, through texture as well as the size. Even though it is pink to match the theme, it has texture to stand out. It is also larger than the other text to bring attention to the concept they want you to focus on.



Draw over - Repetition

As I mentioned above, the lettering matches the background and clothing. But if you notice, all of their shoes are the same type, or close to it. Creating repetition, even while being different colors.



Draw over - Alignment

The main alignment is flush left created by “be snap, be pop”, continuing to the very bottm. There is also a strong alignment along the bottom bringing all the lettering together. As well as aligning with the line of where they are mostly standing, bringing the letter and picture together to harmonize.



Draw over - Proximity

Here the principal of proximity comes into play with “Gap” and the ” be bright” slogan being put together, but separate from the ad’s slogan “be snap, be pop”.


Draw over - Color

In both their pants and shoes you can see primary triad color scheme. Using various tones of reds, yellows, and blues.



All the principals come together to make the ad more organized and aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly though is the ease of reading and understanding it. It brings you in and gets your attention, and directs you to where your focus should be. All this making it fun and effective.


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